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How To Have White Teeth On A Budget | In 6 Quick Steps

How To Have White Teeth On A Budget | In 6 Quick Steps
I'm sure that we can all agree that white teeth is attractive. In fact one of the first things people notice is your smile. Taking care of your smile does not need to be expensive. Here are 6 quick teeth tips from a Dental Hygienist to help you keep those pearly whites clean and white.
  • Brush properly
Brushing removes the bacterial plaque that adheres to the surface of your teeth. Over time that plaque can turn yellow and make your teeth appear darker. Brushing for at least two minutes with the correct brushing technique will help keep the lighter color of your teeth showing.
  • Floss Every Day Consistently
This might seem like it makes no sense but flossing helps kill bacteria that cause dental cavities. Sometimes cavities can appear like a hole in your tooth or it can look very dark. Keeping your mouth free of cavities will give an overall healthier and attractive look and keep the tooth enamel intact.
  • Rinse
Many foods and beverages stain teeth making them appear darker. These can be things like coffee, tea, curry and many more. Always rinse out with water after these staining foods. This way the beverage or foods have less time on the surface of your teeth causing dark stains. Drinking through a straw can also add an extra layer of protection as well.
  • Visit The Dentist
Get a dental teeth cleaning with a registered dental hygienist. Have your dentist check your smile to make sure that all your teeth are healthy. When the hygienist cleans your teeth any hard calcified bacteria and stain will be removed off your teeth allowing the lighter teeth enamel to reveal itself.
  • Good Eats
Incorporate tons of healthy, crunchy veggies and food that keep teeth whiter naturally like: cheese, celery, apples, strawberries, cucumber and cauliflower.
  • Try Over The Counter Teeth Whitening
After doing all of the above you can try over the counter whitening such as White Strips. These can be very helpful and penetration the enamel of the teeth giving you that white smile you desire. It is important to note that during whitening you should avoid teeth staining foods and beverages.Finally if you have done all of these steps and have not seen a change then its time for a consultation with your cosmetic dentist on what's the best option for your teeth specifically.
Avalene Roberts R.D.H