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Q: What is Afterpay?

A: Afterpay is a service that allows you to make purchases now and pay for them in four payments made every 2 weeks without any interest.

Q: How do I use Afterpay?

A: Simply shop and check out as usual. At checkout, choose Afterpay as your payment method. If it’s your first time using Afterpay, you’ll need to sign up and provide your payment details (Mastercard or Visa).

 Used Afterpay before? Just log into your Afterpay account and complete your order. 

Please note that all items in your cart must be eligible for payment with Afterpay. A minimum purchase amount may apply.

Q: Can I use Afterpay if I'm an international customer?

A: Afterpay is only offered to our customers who have a US billing address, US shipping address, a US Visa or Mastercard (credit or debit card), and a US mobile phone number. Customers with international billing addresses, shipping addresses, and/or phone numbers will not be able to set up an account with Afterpay. Sorry about that!

Q: How does the payment schedule work?

A: All customers are required to make their first payment at the time of purchase, with the remaining three payments deducted every two weeks from your chosen payment method. If you choose to make additional payments before your scheduled pay dates, you may do so through your Afterpay account. You can log in to your Afterpay account to view your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date if you choose to do so.

Q: When will my items be delivered if I use Afterpay?

A: Afterpay orders are delivered within our shipping time frame after you complete your order online. For more information, check out our shipping page here.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single transaction?

A: Your total amount due must be between $35 and $1,000 to use Afterpay on

Q: What items are not eligible for purchase using Afterpay?

A: Afterpay is not available on purchases of e-gift cards.

Q: What items are not eligible for purchase using Afterpay?

A: Afterpay is not available on purchases of e-gift cards.

Q: Where can I find out more about Afterpay?

A: Feel free to check out the Afterpay website here for a comprehensive list of FAQs, terms, purchase payment agreement as well as Afterpay’s Privacy Policy.

If you have a question about your Afterpay account, please contact the Afterpay toll-free customer support line at 855-289-6014.